The international festival "Friendship without borders" is an educational and artistic project for children and adults.

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The project was born from a desire to create a friendly and joyful space that would allow kids all over the world to grow up and to develop in a positive psycological environment favorable for their creativity. In its activities "FRIENDSHIP WITHOUT BORDERS" follows the principle "Tomorrow's generation is being shaped today".

The educational goal of the project is for children to develop the following skills:

THOUGHTFULNESS: to learn to be attentive to others;

TRANSFORMATION: to form a tendency to innovation, changes and openness in order to work out new solutions to the existing problems, to transform the environment for better, to improve social situation an to develop the ability of positive thinking;

SELF-EXPRESSION: to learn to express yourself throught the illustration - a universal tool that goes beyond the limits;

SHARING: to develop an ability to share while respecting yourself and others.

The objectives of the project are: the warm atmosphere, the creativity and the unity.

How to support the project?

By an active participation and joint activity. The contribution of everyone is important!

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